Vaol Raest

The Wavering Light



Age: 28
Weight: 190 lbs.
Height: 6"1
Race: Kalashtar
Diety: Ioun
Head: Gem of Colloquy (Secret Language)
Neck: Choker of Eloquence + 2
Hands: Gloves of Grace
Main Hand: Nimbus holy symbol +2
Off Hand:
Waist: Potion Bandolier
Armor: Deathsteel Scale Armor
Feet: Acrobat Boots


Home town: Triel

Vaol is a former travelling medic that served in a number of civil wars, as well as the conflicts in the north involving the warlock knights. Before serving DOA he used this cover to hunt cultists an have borders opened to him. He witnessed the horrible actions of the warlock knights against the people, and has developed a strong distaste for their order.

He is outgoing and charismatic, he using his intuition and keen perception of situations to assess threats before engaging because he believes that knowledge is power. He relies on Ioun’s powers to guide him in his journey. He and his former adventuring band fought against the Cult of Vecna, they were clerics of Ioun who sought out cells of these secretive forces, Ioun blessed these children from adolescence guiding and shaping them with visions to do battle with this gods followers.

Though he is still friends with most of his former adventuring mates, some of them parted the group on bad terms. Lyndis and Vaol have a very rocky relationship. His mate Garet is still scarred from the events that happened in the heart of Vecna’s domain.

Although he is retired officially from Vecna cult hunting he still secretly will pursue leads and missions without his guild’s consent always following Iouns guidance.

The Guild leader of DOA Martin “Thunderfist” Telos recruited Vaol into DOA after his parties defeat at Vecna’s cult’s hands. He saw the usefulness of the cleric and his visions and commissioned him to seek specific individuals of interest to the guild. A brash individual of large constitution, with a hardy low laugh, Martin is just in his actions in the lands of his guild. He recruits individuals who will serve the guild effectively and efficiently.This gives Vaol a sort of immunity to move through the southern lands as he wishes.

Vaol’s teacher Isaac had recruited him into the Order of Ioun at a young age, when the nightmares of the child would not stop Isaac was passing through the town and was asked to preform treatment and heal the boy. When examining Vaol he determined that this was not nightmares, but visions that the boy was not interpreting. Isaac was a stout man known for his midnight black robes, and large sign of Ioun in purple on the back. He was unorthodox in his following of Ioun as he was not originally a cleric but an arch mage that was cast out of his order. Isaac was feared for his lightning fast strikes with his rapier, he combined the magic of the clerics of Ioun and the lightning mages of his former mages collective to create powerful magic enhancement to his blade and body.

Lyndis was Vaol’s trusted confidant in all of his dealings with the cultist’s of Vecna, she was a skilled thief and vagrant before the visions of Ioun came to her and guided her in her actions. At first they were simply showing her easy routes to her marks, or untrodden hidden paths, she started relying on them and Ioun had new plans. Now the visions showed her fighting cultists that threatened the lives of people she cared about. Ioun gave her a choice to seek this path or to lose her power, she chose power.

Lyndis is a strikingly attractive drow, she was seen as an outcast in her city due to its proportionally larger elven population she faced prejudice and racism by the townsfolk, due to her past she hides her face behind her cloaked hood and midnight black robes of Ioun with a dark grey symbol on the back. She prefers the comfort of two well-balanced daggers in her hands and a chest bandoleer of flash and smoke bombs.

Vaol remembers the last moments he had with his family before leaving to join the chosen of Ioun. His mother removed her pendant and pressed it into his palm. She quietly said “No matter how far they take you, never forget your home”.

Vaol remembers the vicious training he was giving under Isaac, sparring with Isaac it was a simple matter of hitting him in any way shape or form to be accepted into the Chosen. Isaac would never hold back and would enhance his movements in such a way that he was seemingly untouchable. Vaol saw a vision of mere moments later, and hesitated. Isaac laughs and lunges forward in a light strike, then a flash of light blinded him. After regaining his vision Vaol he realized the ploy, and the hidden blade pressed against his chest. Isaac smiled “Welcome to the Chosen”.

Vaol Raest

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