The Ghost Arrow


Height: 6’1"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Eyes: Iridescent
Hair: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Sagawehn

Ek’Larc is a Thri-Kreen with a shifting red-blue-orange chitin. He is lightweight despite his size. Ek’Larc wears armor of his former colony, bearing the Thri-Kreen symbols of the earth. He carries a large Mantis-Bow, an intricate mechanical weapon combining the power of a long bow with the accuracy of a crossbow. He carries two smaller mantis bows in each of his lower hands. All of Ek’Larc’s weapons are inscribed with the names of his fallen brothers. Empowered by their spirits, Ek’Larc can summon their spirits through these weapons when he calls upon them. Ek’Lark’s antennae waft with a spiritual trail as he moves them about. His eyes appear iridescent, able to lock onto multiple enemies when he unleashes his volley of arrows.


Ek’Larc was born into a deep underground colony protected from the sweltering Athasian sun in 1494 DR. He was immediately commended on his agility and prowess in navigating the underground realm. At 2 years old Ek’Larc was placed into the scouting squadron, his affinity for foraging and navigating cavernous terrain allowed him to quickly climb the ranks. Ek’Larc began using the Thri-Kreen Mantis-Bow. He would hunt for long hours to provide food for his colony. Persistent on the continued exploration of the realm, Ek’Larc and a number of other scouts found a path to the surface. They hunted in this forest, returning with all matters of new food for the colony. Ek’Larc was intrigued by this surface world and studied it, learning the nature of the flora and fauna.

On one unfortunate venture to the surface Ek’Lark and his allies were ambushed by a brigade of merciless lizardfolk. Two of Ek’Larc’s companions were immediately slaughtered. The skirmish was one sided, the lizardfolk out-numbered Ek’Lark and his companions. As Ek’Larc’s other two companions fell he believed that this may be his end, but he would not give up without a fight. Sweeping his companion’s Mantis-Bows off of the ground, Ek’Lark stood before over a dozen derranged lizardfolk as they poised themselves for the kill. As the reptilian creatures fell upon Ek’Larc he let loose a volley of arrows, reloading and firing with unnatural speed. The arrows pierced the skulls of the lizardfolk, each arrow finding its mark. In less than a second Ek’Lark stood among the bodies of his would-be killers. He realized in this moment he had a gift. Vowing to avenge his fallen companions he would dedicate himself to develop the skills and abilities to protect his kind. He returned to his colony and immediate demanded the craft of a heavier Mantis-Bow, one that could pierce his enemies from greater range and with more power. Ek’Larc crafted his weapon alongside the colony’s greatest craft-mantises and lifted the weapon into his upper arms, his lower arms holding two Manti-Bows. Ek’Larc was determined to make sure he could never be out-numbered.

Years passed as Ek’Larc continued to explore and hunt in the expansive tunnels and caverns of his realm. He had been promoted to the Scout Master due to his unnatural speed and was the colony’s greatest warrior against threats. Ek’Larc delved deep into the underground. On a solo delve, Ek’Larc came upon an anomaly of the natural world. He had found a link to the far realm in the deepest cavern. Ek’Larc was confused by the strange realm he had found, which only lead to intrigue. He began to study it, observing the small creatures that floated about its entrance and how creatures that were subjected to the realm were twisted into abominations. Ek’Larc began to learn from the small creatures that existed near the portal’s entrance, communicating with them and learning their language. Ek’Larc had not thought this realm posed a threat and would visit the portal entrance to learn more of the Far Realm. He spoke to Tul’Kra a mystic and fire channeler, the most learned Thri-Kreen in his colony regarding the portal. Tul’Kra believed the portal would vanish after time and to learn the ways of its creatures.

Years after Ek’Larc had discovered the portal to the Far Realm he was travelling to the surface on another solo scouting mission when he sensed a violent shaking withing the earth. Ek’Larc hurried to his colony where he found a horrific scene. The portal to the Far-Realm had expanded rapidly and engulfed half of his home. All manners of horrible creatures poured from the gateway. Ek’Larc rushed in to defend his home and his fellow Thr-Kreen. Volleys of arrows were released by Ek’Larc, cutting down the abominations. Despite Ek’Lark’s training and prowess there were simply too many creatures pouring themselves from the portal. He fought the abominations defending his fellow Thri-Kreen. Tul’Kra, knew he would not escape these creatures and began a sacred ritual to protect and empower Ek’Larc. However before the ritual completed a foul creature consumed Tul’Kra. Yet it would seem the broken ritual had a greater effect than anticipated. As Ek’Larc charged through the tunnels of his home, releasing arrow after arrow against the abominations, he felt a wave of spiritual energy fill him. The creatures of the Far Realm had slain his entire colony, yet their spirits remained. They bound themselves to Ek’Larc, engulfing him in spiritual light. The Far Realm expanded quickly, devouring everything around Ek’Larc. He feared that he too would become warped and twisted as it consumed him. However, as the twisting otherworldly mass engulfed Ek’Larc he was unharmed. His fallen bretheren’s spirits protected him. He now found himself glowing in a spiritual light, impervious to the nightmares of the twisting landscape. Ek’Larc traveled forth to escape the nightmarish landscape of this realm.


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