Dungeoneering Squad X

The Last Gamble

Ace of Spades: The Death Card

Ardak gripped the shaft of the arrow and pulled it painfully from his shoulder. HopeEater buzzed with anticipation for revenge. The party peered down the road, catching site of a small nimble figure with a greatbow and a towering and muscular humanoid creature wielding a massive sword. The small figure declared that the arrow that had just knocked Ardak onto his back was merely a warning shot and the next one would be between the eyes if the party did not hand over Ryl Fleck. It suddenly dawned on Morte and Ryl that these were the same bounty hunters that had attempted to capture Lakko and Ryl last year in Netheril. Ellethel, an Eladrin and Brutius a Furbolg Bloodbear. Aradak snapped the arrow and yelled at his assailant that the they’re going to gave to get acquainted with the edge of his axe if they think they’ll be taking anyone anywhere. Brutius’ feet planted into the earth has he sprinted towards the party with his massive blade in hand. The sword came crashing down as the wolf puppies were being whisked away by Romulus. To Ardak’s horror, Pudding was hewed in two by Brutius. Ellthel pointed his bow into the air and shot an arrow high into the air, quickly releasing another arrow soaring towards Vaol. The first arrow dropped from the sky and was splintered by the second, sending shards into Vaol’s eye, blinding him. Although the first attack against Ardak was formidable. the rage overcame the pain as HopeEater met Brutius’s hide. Ardak unleashed a staggering combination of blows, each cutting away the Furbolg warrior as though he was defenseless. Brutius keeled over, slamming his fists into the ground. To the party’s horror they watched as this humanoid warrior transformed into a massive bear, covered with bloody runes. The Bloodbear’s claws quickly slammed into Ardak, but Ardak managed to turn aside enough of the attack to not be grabbed by the creature. Vaol spoke a prayer under his breath and placed a protective ward and a divine heal upon Ardak, much to his displeasure. The eye of Ioun revealed the weak spots in Brutius’ armor as Vaol overcame the splintering attack.

Morte sprinted quietly from behind the collapsed farmhouse to a strategic position behind a large boulder to surprise Ellethel with a sneak attack. However, his effort was for not, as Ellethel announced that even his stealthy approach could not escape his senses. Ellethel sprinted into Morte’s view, unleashing a massive arrows that knocked Morte through the air, pinning him on the ground.

Ryl prepared to unleash a powerful spell when he heard a familiar and terrifying voice from behin the Adamantine Carriage. The Gambler stepped over the dying dire wolf, commenting on its condition. He urged Ryl to surrender himself, as he had hired Ellethel and Brutius as some extra muscle to bring Ryl in, as his bounty had increased by ten-fold. Ryl attempted to tell the Gambler that he was simply on a mission to pay him back, but the Gambler made it clear that his employers had been observing him and he knew this wasn’t the case. Ryl, dropped his equipment and declared that he had surrendered. However Ardak would not cease his onslaught against Brutius. The death of Pudding had caused too much rage. Realizing that he couldn’t stop the battle, Ryl decided to fight. He picked up his scepter and exploded into a plume of fire, disappearing into thin air. The Gambler, not pleased by this response, quickly drew his Pactgun and fired shots at Vaol and Ardak.

Morte continued his skirmish with Ellethel. Disappearing into the shadows and unleashing a devastating attack upon the Eladrin archer. Morte’s shadowscythe slashed through the air as Ellethel’s blood dripped unto the ground. Brutius was met by several more brutal attacks from Vaol and Ardak. Holy light blinded the beast as he swung his claws wildly, gashing Ardak, but the dwarf pushed on thanks to Vaol’s holy powers. Suddenly the Bloodbears fur receded as Brutius’ humanoid form returned. The Furbolg retrieved his massive sword and the battle continued as the gambler pointed his gun to the air, unleashing a huge cloud of eldrich mist. Ryl reappeared in a burst of fire and smoke atop the collapsed farmhouse as he saw Vaol and Ardak disappear into the cloud.

The Gambler’s Pactgun transformed, the various plates and infernal mechanisms opening up to resemble a magical cannon. The gunman pointed his weapon towards Ardak has an enormous ball of forceful eldrich energy exploded from the pactgun. Ardak was sent tumbling as the blast connected, leaving only Vaol and the Gambler in the mist. The Gambler approached Vaol as infernal symbols of accuracy and death appeared upon his head. The Gambler’s gun compacted and the barrel lengthened as a single shot was released. Vaol summoned all of his divine energy to turn aside the blow. The attack connected, but only just. Even still, the attack was ferocious, Vaol’s blood flowed from the bullet graze across his head. He stumbled from the mist, his Kalashtar mind preventing the debilitating effects of eldrich magic. However, the Gambler caught Vaol with the blades of his pactgun as he broke away, drawing Vaol’s blood into this weapon. The pactgun had now tasted it’s victim. The Gambler stated that Vaol best not be healing anyone or he’s going to make him pay for it. Vaol summoned the last of his strength to raise the unconscious Ardak from the ground as another massive eldrich ball of energy connected with the Dwarf. Ardak was still alive and conscious from Vaol’s effort, but Vaol’s energy was depleted. The Gambler stepped from the mist with his pactgun pointed at Vaol’s head, runes forming between Vaol’s eyes.

“Ace of Spades” The Gambler said as he produced a single card from his person, “the death card.”

The Gambler flicked the card into the air, it wafted in front of Vaol’s head as the trigger was pulled. A singular bullet of intense eldrich energy left the Gambler’s gun at ferocious speed, piercing through the center of the ace and directly into Vaol’s head.



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