Dungeoneering Squad X

A Tactical Flee

...and Murder

Blood poured from Vaol’s empty eye socket as healing magic flowed forth from the cleric’s finger tips. The party stood around an watched as the empty socket was healed with divine magic, however the damage was to great to restore the eye. Vaol assembled an eye patch from cloth and cord and obscured the empty socket. The air was heavy and silent as the party watched Vaol rise to his feet, adrenaline still flowing from the ordeal and the battle roughly an hour earlier. Romulus stacked the bodies of the party’s fallen rivals as Ryl attempted to tame the horse of the deceased leader of the rival adventuring party, Tam. The party watched as Ryl struggled. Annoyed and frightened, the horse ran north towards Winterhaven, Frustrated, Ryl ignited his hands and tossed a mighty blast of arcane fire towards the fleeing creature. The horse collapsed onto it’s front legs and hobbled over, near death. The horse collapsed as a magic missile struck it’s skull, ending it’s misery. Romulus then returned after reconvening with Saxon, none the wiser to the equestrian murder that had just occurred.

After producing their map the party decided it best to avoid the town of N’JAst entirely and instead travel through the tundra until they could return safely to the western road. Saxon was loaded with the party’s equipment as they began the long walk to the western coast of Faerun. As night fell it became apparent that the party was not alone in this large expanse of tundra. Small torches scattered the landscape, likely goblin scouts of the Ironwall Mountains. As night fell the party prepared to sleep. Vaol inscribed a large magic circle into the ground to target the goblins if they came to close while Ryl produced some impressively powerful magical alarm wards to notify the party. After less than an hour of sleep the party was awakened by the pulsing alarm ward. A single goblin, startled by the loud noise of the alarm frantically re-mounted his wolf and began to run. The goblin did not escape as a cascade of divine light and arcane fire fell over the goblin and his wolf steed. A single shadowy dagger ended the goblin’s life as a magic missile euthanized yet another steed. The party was awakened a few hour later to more goblins investigating the earlier corpse. That was, until they were immolated by an irritated Ryl Fleck.



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