Dungeoneering Squad X is an adventuring party that formed out of an unlikely crossroads in the small town of Higgendale. Their deeds have earned them a reputation as the saviors of Fallcrest, protectors of the Monastery of the Precipice and heroes of Stonefang Pass. However Dungeoneering Squad X is not about heroism, they are about completing about what needs to be done. The party includes:

Ryl Fleck, Pyromancer Mage Firecrafter

Morte Samang, Bladesworn Nightstalker Assassin

Vaol Raest, Farseeing Battle Cleric of Ioun

Romulus Decimus, Gladiator Earthstrength Warden

Tolmune Jackal, Chaotic Sorcerer

Vandal Salubri, Ardent Warlord with Musical Abilities

Ferek, Bloodthristy Stonefist Lycan Monk

Dungeoneering Squad X

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